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Felix Van Cleeff’s The Crimson Sea: A New Sound With Old Memories From The Netherlands

Filmmaker and musical poet, Felix Van Cleeff (The Violet Hour, My Bethesda Angel, Black Dog), has released a second album, The Crimson Sea, filled with tempting, hypnotic jazz-grunge melodies. Van Cleeff is the man behind the pen, writing and composing all the songs on the album. It was produced and mastered by Floyd Raynor. Accompanying Van Cleeff‘s … Continue reading

Guglielmo Cavellini’s Art On Exhibit At San Francisco’s Istituto Italiano Di Cultura

Brescia-born Italian artist, Guglielmo Cavellini, best known for his coined term, ”autostoricizzazione” (self-historicization), made art that preserved his legacy. He wanted to be his own biographer, and have charge over his own public persona and representation. These works do just that. In collaboration with Archivio Cavellini in his hometown of Brescia and the LYNCH THAM … Continue reading

Deyarteb, the first.

I. Stolen strength the thief runs through the house of truth An angry smile Banshee! cloaked in false moralities you feel righteous in your wrongdoing you partake of stale bread and dare to call it nourishment II. Your wounds only bare bandage And yet, the most reverent stream begs to cleanse you you refuse  Coward! Conformist! … Continue reading

The cruel gods

Cruel gods with yellow voices They mix the potions, in a quiet place Doubt. Finding you in a private space They pluck you from your tree Before you slip into the earth Succumb. Turn you into stone Living in the costume of another A murder!

La condition humaine and other fates.

pomegranate leaves a bloody lip oozing out, is life, pulsing, and i can sense that it’s been a long time since someone anointed your ears with kind words the sullen morning, is reverent she dies a thousand deaths just to not run into you, upset your order sunlight fills her hair, like fire, and she’s … Continue reading

How To Move To San Francisco

Contemplating a move anywhere can elicit many feelings and stir up new ideas or old fears, all at once. It can be inspiring, terrifying and just the call to action you have been seeking as you plan to take a new step in your career or education, live your dreams or just expose yourself to … Continue reading


His eyes were icy blue Like the waters he dove into Tears of Narcissus.

Mortality meets its match in “My Bethesda Angel”

Los Angeles may be the City of Angels, but New York is certainly a city of fallen angels dreaming in a concrete jungle. Floating and running. Running from each other, sometimes into themselves, trying to blend into a city scape and its enshrouded nature and history. Seeking to be noticed, and yet at the same … Continue reading

Sins are lived twice and men are mirrors in The Place Beyond The Pines

Sins are lived twice and men act as mirrors of each other, regardless of how disparate their histories and futures. They atone of their transgressions in mere glances. This isn’t just a movie, a film, or simply a script – this is real life. As sloppy, unforgiving and secretive as a hard life lived breathlessly. … Continue reading

Secrets are dangerous things in The Company You Keep

Robert Redford’s “The Company You Keep” is (almost) a hippie-modern retelling of “Les Misérables” in the format of “All The Presidents Men”. Redford is both actor and director for the first time since his 2007 film “Lions for Lambs.” “The Company You Keep” (to open in theaters on April 12, 2013) re-spins the tale, by way of … Continue reading

Damsels in Distress, L.A. Gangsters & Dick Tracy Redux.

Films based on books based on “real” people’s lives are often not an easy sell. Ruben Fleischer’s GANGSTER SQUAD, based on Tales from the Gangster Squad by journalist Paul Lieberman, plays all the parts expected. It’s Tommy guns, Studebaker shoot-outs, furs and flash bulbs, the overdone trope of Jessica Rabbit damsels in distress, blockbuster gangsters, male bimbos, quaint ’40s … Continue reading

You flew!

I have wandered through the vastness of your entire life just by touching your forearm as we drive I have sneezed you into a victorious alignment with the highest of stars I saw you before you saw yourself I learned of your movement and the palpitations you incurred minutes before your release I wanted to … Continue reading

Zero Dark Thirty & The Geronimo Quest for UBL

ZERO DARK THIRTY could have been a tragic disaster of film but Kathryn Bigelow wouldn’t let that happen. The film leads us ominously from a black screen with only sounds and voices of 911 telephone calls on September 11, 2001 to the much maligned quest for and eventual capture-kill of Usama Bin Laden a.k.a Osama … Continue reading

Storytelling on film with Armine Anda

She herself looks like a character from the fairytales she chiseles into paper and film. Diminutive and with expressive almond eyes that belie her age, actress Armine Anda (her stage name) is Joan in the 2012 feature film, JOAN AND THE VOICES. She met me at a café in Seattle, on another grey sky day, … Continue reading

Messages are hidden everywhere in Joan And The Voices

Armenia is like a pomegranate. Concealed with a tiny opening at the top. Inside, the many seeds of antiquity. Safely suspended in it’s red flesh, a curiously unstructured structured fruit, a random formation of 613 seeds — a pomegranate is it’s own small land of poetic secrets, like Armenia. JOAN AND THE VOICES, the feature debut … Continue reading

Alex – “Truth”

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